Zenon Nihilism Society


Tempra Krimmace


Millions of individuals




Zeno Space


12,899 A.D.


14,611 A.D.


The Epsilon Order of Zeno (as parasite)

  • Z. Shipyard & Foundry Centre
    • Z. Shipyard Physics Sector
  • The Zenolian Navy
  • The Zenolian Military

Primary role(s)

  • To overthrow the Epsilon Order of Zeno
  • To throw Zeno Space into total anarchy


The Zenon Nihilism Society was a large organization bent on bringing all of Zeno Space into total anarchy. It was founded by Tempra Krimmace , after he was supposedly arrested and held in prison for several years without reason. When Tempra was released, he began to campaign for the end of the Epsilon Order of Zeno, stating that it was corrupt. Instantly, he was followed by millions of anarchists. Around 13,670 A.D., the Zenon Nihilism Society found Eiveret Lissam and granted him his memory back. Eiveret Lissam then joined the Zenon Nihilism Society and helped assassinate several major scientists in the Physics Sector of the Z. Shipyard & Foundry Centre. It dissoluted when Tempra Krimmace was killed during a violent protest near the Complex, in Magistrate City.

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