The following are events and actions which chronologically take place in Zenology.


Before the Beginning of TimeEdit

The Beginning of TimeEdit

  • The universe is created

c. 3,000,000,000 B.C.Edit

  • Eternus is constructed

c. 1,000,000,000 B.C.Edit

  • The Darkharts of Impurity are created
  • Ezekiel betrays Aoz and Xeraiah
  • Marrek retreats off Starzeno
  • Marrek's Apparition is created by Star Beings to keep Marrek from returning
  • Ezekiel is banished into Purgatorial Damnation
  • Zeno is created
  • Zenolians are put in a stasis by Aoz
  • The Star Beings, Aoz, and Xeraiah escape to postmortal Starzeno

c. 49,000,000 B.C.Edit

  • The Starzenicon is written

c. 29,000,000 B.C.Edit

c. 25,000,000 B.C.Edit

c. 6,325,000 B.C.Edit

c. 3,000,000 B.C.Edit

  • Marrek ravages thousands of solar systems
  • Marrek takes on No'vis and Sef as his apprentices, after exterminating both of their species

c. 100,000 B.C.Edit

  • Zenolians awake from stasis
  • Zenolians begin social reconstruction

c. 90,000 B.C.Edit

  • Marrek begins his return to Zeno

c. 50,000 B.C.Edit

  • Zenolians are the first sentient species to reach Space

47,791 A.D.Edit

c. 45,362 B.C.Edit

c. 40,250 B.C.Edit

40,115 B.C.Edit

c. 40,100 B.C.Edit

  • The Dark Wars of Morbius end

c. 40,075 B.C.Edit

c. 40,070 B.C.Edit

c. 40,067 B.C.Edit

40,040 B.C.Edit

c. 40,000 B.C.Edit

39,710 B.C.Edit

  • Marcus Blaze dies

39,400 B.C.Edit

  • Archibald Prime dies

c. 37,870 B.C.Edit

c. 37,865 B.C.Edit

c. 37,359 B.C.Edit

c. 37,200 B.C.Edit

c. 37,000 B.C.Edit

c. 36,000 B.C.Edit

c. 35,000 B.C.Edit

c. 33,750 B.C.Edit

33,405 B.CEdit

c. 32,700 B.C.Edit

c. 32,500 B.C.Edit

32,020 B.C.Edit

  • Terav Phantom dies

c. 31,645 B.C.Edit

c. 29,920 B.C.Edit

c. 28,500 B.C.Edit

c. 27,500 B.C.Edit

27,434 B.C.Edit

  • Celestial Parliament declares war on the Omnipotent Zenon Empire

27,173 B.C.Edit

  • The Zenon Mining Wars end due to Celestial Parliament surrendering
  • The Omnipotent Zenon Empire officially ends its mining campaigns

26,015 B.C.Edit

c. 26,000 B.C.Edit

c. 25,100 B.C.Edit

25,072 B.C.Edit

25,041 B.C.Edit

25,039 B.C.Edit

  • The First Great Civil War of Zeno ends
  • The Omnipotent Zenon Empire dissolutes
  • The Star Lords assilimates into the government of the Zenox Axis of Power
  • Eximortinitus is banned by the Zenox Axis of Power

25,037 B.C.Edit

24,996 B.C.Edit

  • Shada M. Xeykar dies

c. 24,000 B.C.Edit

23,043 B.C.Edit

  • The Elurian Civil War begins

23,039 B.C.Edit

  • The Elurian Monarch dissolutes
  • The leading members of the Elurian Monarch are executed
  • The Elurian Union is founded

23,038 B.C.Edit

  • The Elurian Wars begins

23,036 B.C.Edit

  • The remnants of the Elurian Monarch join the Elurian Union

c. 17,350 B.C.Edit

c. 13,750 B.C.Edit

c. 10,400 B.C.Edit

c. 9,870 B.C.Edit

9,805 B.C.Edit

9,710 B.C.Edit

9,705 B.C.Edit

c. 9,650 B.C.Edit

  • Marrek arrives near the Milky Way, but cannot enter it due to the existence of his apparition

c. 9,625 B.C.Edit

9,624 B.C.Edit

  • The Doomsday is destroyed
  • Vork Breaker is killed by Cundolt Blaze
  • The First Coldarian Civil War ends

9,600 B.C.Edit

Crux Prime dies

9,480 B.C.Edit

  • Cundolt Blaze dies

8,729 B.C.Edit

8,507 B.C.Edit

  • Omni A. Ion is elected Congressional House Overseer within the Zenox Axis of Power

8,497 B.C.Edit

  • The Zenox Axis of Power dissolutes after becoming to weak to maintain Zeno Space
  • A three year period of total anarchy begins

8,494 B.C.Edit

  • the three years of anarchy end
  • Omni A. Ion becomes the king of Zeno

6,975 B.C.Edit

6,850 B.C.Edit

  • Omni A. Ion dies
  • Paradox B. Ion becomes king of Zeno

5,091 B.C.Edit

c. 5,000 B.C.Edit

  • Celestial Parliament forcefully restricts the Morteckian Empire from conquering sentient planets

4,997 B.C.Edit

  • Paradox B. Ion dies
  • Elizabeth Ion becomes the first queen of Zeno

3109 B.C.Edit

3058 B.C.Edit

3035 B.C.Edit

  • The Z. Shipyard & Foundry Centre station is constructed

c. 3030 B.C.Edit

The Z-Maelstorm Class Starship is invented by Xerxes X. Ion

3029 B.C.Edit

  • Elizabeth Ion dies
  • Xerxes X. Ion becomes king of Zeno

3025 B.C.Edit

c. 3020 B.C.Edit

  • Xerxes X. Ion constructs HMS Dark Bombarder

3015 B.C.Edit

3013 B.C.Edit

2956 B.C.Edit

2942 B.C.Edit

2940 B.C.Edit

2354 B.C.Edit

2068 B.C.Edit

349 B.C.Edit

67 A.D.Edit

129 A.D.Edit

  • Xizzle X. Ion becomes king of Zeno

258 A.D.Edit

290 A.D.Edit

358 A.D.Edit

301 A.D.Edit

415 A.D.Edit

498 A.D.Edit

c. 500 A.D.Edit

c. 510 A.D.Edit

c. 520 A.D.Edit

  • The Crouthian Civil War ends
  • Hector Trezca found a young female Crouthian and took care of her

522 A.D.Edit

  • Hector Trezca and the female Crouthian relocate to Earth

525 A.D.Edit

  • Barbarians kill the young Crouthian and Hector Trezca slaughters them in retaliation

620 A.D.Edit

657 A.D.Edit

  • The Empass Court dissolutes

935 A.D.Edit

  • Marrek's Apparition is discovered by James Goldstone and his followers

1042 A.D.Edit

1076 A.D.Edit

1103 A.D.Edit

  • Ichabad Mortem travels to Earth
  • Ichabad Mortem and Bartholomew Tramaiaz meet and journey to Marrek's Apparition

1104 A.D.Edit

  • Ichabad Mortem kills George Goldstone
  • Ichabad Mortem slays Marrek's Apparition
  • Ichabad Mortem betrays and kills Bartholomew Tramaiaz
  • The Cult of the Dark One dissolutes

1109 A.D.Edit

  • Xenocell is founded by Samuel Goldstone

1113 A.D.Edit

  • Ichabad Mortem returns to Zeno

1142 A.D.Edit

1259 A.D.Edit

1283 A.D.Edit

1327 A.D.Edit

  • The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order discovers the planned assassination of Xizzle X. Ion
  • Xizzle X. Ion sends all participants (including Dread Mortem) to Zenolian prison indefinitely

1328 A.D.Edit

  • Ichabad Mortem returns to Earth after Dread Mortem is sent to prison

1378 A.D.Edit

  • Dread Mortem escapes Zenolian prison after being mortally wounded

1529 A.D.Edit

  • Ichabad Mortem mysteriously dies

c. 1600 A.D.Edit

  • Several members of Xenocell are executed due to supposedly conspiring against the British Monarch

1620 A.D.Edit

  • Several members of Xenocell board the Mayflower and travel to the American colonies

c. 1621 A.D.Edit

  • The Mayflower arrives in the American colonies

c. 1755 A.D.Edit

1761 A.D.Edit

1776 A.D.Edit

1803 A.D.Edit

  • Several members from Xenocell and the FreeMasons join Harbourage Elucidati

1809 A.D.Edit

  • Xenocell assilimates itself within the United States of America

1818 A.D.Edit

1819 A.D.Edit

1820 A.D.Edit

1822 A.D.Edit

1823 A.D.Edit

1825 A.D.Edit

1836 A.D.Edit

1841 A.D.Edit

  • Renald X. Ion visits Earth for the first time
  • Renald X. Ion meets Frankie Sparks and Sarah Graves
  • Renald X. Ion, Frankie Sparks, and Sarah Graves travel to Zeno
  • Renald X. Ion marries Sarah Graves 
  • Joshua Ion is born
  • Sarria Ion is born
  • Xizzle X. Ion secretly visits Mars and begins the cloning of himself
  • Silhouette X is born
  • HMS Lionheart is damaged as Xizzle X. Ion is retreating
  • HMS Lionheart is destroyed as it crashes into one of HMS Dark Bombarder's hangars
  • HMS Swift Striker I is destroyed due to crash
  • Xizzle X. Ion dies
  • Renald X. Ion becomes king of Zeno
  • Sarah Graves becomes queen of Zeno
  • HMS Swift Striker II is constructed by Renald X. Ion

1843 A.DEdit

1845 A.D.Edit

  • Frankie Sparks becomes a miner on Zeno

1846 A.D.Edit

1847 A.D.Edit

1848 A.D.Edit

  • The Des'rat Pirates become galactically infamous

1852 A.D.Edit

  • Dread Mortem is killed by Renald X. Ion in the Volcano of Fear

1853 A.DEdit

  • Rudimentum invaded by Arachgonile forces

1855 A.D.Edit

  • Dread Mortem ressurects himself and shapeshifts into Renald X. Ion's appearance
  • Dread Mortem travels to Mars and sabotages Xizzle X. Ion's clones
  • Rudimentum War ended with Rudi'em victory
  • Renald X. Ion confronts Dread Mortem on Mars; Dread Mortem is mortally wounded by Renald X. Ion
  • Dread Mortem barely survives, and escapes after Renald X. Ion is rescued

1856 A.D.Edit

1859 A.D.Edit

  • HMS Dark Bombarder is destroyed

1860 A.D.Edit

  • Spectra G. Phantom discovers Coldar and makes contact with the Coldarians
  • The Tower is invented by Sarria Ion

1861 A.D.Edit

  • The United States of America becomes divided
  • The American Civil War begins

1864 A.D.Edit

  • Renald X. Ion visits Earth and lands in the Confederate States of America
  • Renald X. Ion aids the Confederate States of America during the Battle of Cold Harbor
  • Renald X. Ion returns to Zeno

1865 A.D.Edit

  • The American Civil War ends
  • The Confederate States of America surrenders and rejoins the United States of America
  • HMS Revelation is constructed
  • Harry Grant is born

1867 A.D.Edit

  • Sarah Ion dies

c. 1870 A.D.Edit

  • Xenocell sends numerous groups across Earth to assimilate themselves into other governments

1881 A.D.Edit

  • Renald X. Ion and Benjamin S. Drago meet
  • Proniak hacks into Mechagage Industries, stealing billions of Irrions

1888 A.D.Edit

1889 A.D.Edit

1894 A.D.Edit

1897 A.D.Edit

1900 A.D.Edit

  • Dark Moon secedes from the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order
  • Harbourage Elucidati assimilates itself into several nations on Earth
  • Renald X. Ion leads a campaign to reclaim Dark Moon
  • The Dark Moon Resistance ends due to Dark Moon surrendering
  • Dark Moon rejoins the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order

1906 A.D.Edit

  • Dread Mortem hires the Des'rat Pirates to aid him in finding the Star Mask
  • Renald X. Ion and Benjamin S. Drago find the Star Mask
  • Dread Mortem mortally wounds Benjamin S. Drago and forces Renald X. Ion to surrender the Star Mask
  • Fi'faeta Des'rat is betrayed and killed by Dread Mortem
  • Dread Mortem places the Star Mask on his face and reaches postmortality
  • Dread Mortem is killed and sent to Purgatorial Damnation by a Star Being
  • Benjamin S. Drago is healed by the Star Being
  • Renald X. Ion keeps the Star Mask

1908 A.D.Edit

  • A Harbourage Elucidati exploration team discovers Ichabad Mortem's corpse in the Mortem Isles

1910 A.D.Edit

1949 A.D.Edit

  • Harbourage Elucidati builds its new headquarters in Antarctica

1950 A.D.Edit

1959 A.D.Edit

1960 A.D.Edit

1964 A.D.Edit

1969 A.D.Edit

1976 A.D.Edit

1980 A.D.Edit

  • Zack E. Garf joins the Order of Chaos and becomes the first Zenolian to join the Order

1982 A.D.Edit

  • Celestial Recomission, led by Silhouette X, wages war on Celestial Parliament

1984 A.D.Edit

  • Celestial Parliament is dethroned as the galactic government
  • Celestial Recomission becomes the galactic government
  • The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order joins the war, allied to Celestial Parliament

1985 A.D.Edit

  • Silhouette X is secretly cloned by an unknown individual

1986 A.D.Edit

  • The Silhouette X Wars end
  • Celestial Recomission dissolutes
  • Celestial Parliament is reinstated as the galactic government
  • Silhouette X is arrested by the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order
  • Silhouette X is executed by Renald X. Ion on Dark Moon

1992 A.D.Edit

1999 A.D.Edit

2000 A.D.Edit

2001 A.D.Edit

  • Kra'far is killed

2005 A.D.Edit

  • Haekreus Fa'metreit is convicted of crimes and executed by Celestial Parliament
  • Biocatharsis dissolutes
  • The Cobalt Facility is sent adrift into Empty Space

2007 A.D.Edit

  • Gill dies

2013 A.D.Edit

2015 A.D.Edit

2060 A.D.Edit

2072 A.D.Edit

  • Arthos Z. Phantom joins Harbourage Elucidati under the alias, Francis Leclair

2080 A.D.Edit

  • Spectra G. Phantom dies
  • Valery Zaptro dies

2082 A.D.Edit

  • Arthos Z. Phantom leaves Harbourage Elucidati after murdering one of their members and returns to Zeno

2150 A.D.Edit

  • Renald X. Ion confronts the Misanthropist
  • The Misanthropists redeems himself and sacrifices himself to save Earth
  • The Misanthropist dies
  • The Manhacker is destroyed
  • The Death To Humanity Organization dissolutes
  • The Darkhart of Spelunky lands on Earth

2169 A.D.Edit

  • The Space Mercenary is born
  • An Elurian criminal hacks into one of Nexus' banks, robbing two-thirds of its money
  • The Nexel King secretly hires Dematoil to bring the Elurian criminal to justice
  • The Elurian criminal hacks into the Odionite and shuts down its controls
  • The Odionite is restored and a battle takes place around Eluria's orbit
  • All of Eluria City is nearly destroyed in a battle with Dematoil
  • The Elurian criminal is captured by Roland Delain
  • The Elurian criminal is brought to justice and executed by the Nexel King

2118 A.D.

  • Creyo creates his theory of freezing the sun with Cryokinesis
  • Creyo kills Zenolian governor Krissik and steals his army.
  • Creyo dies by large amounts of heat exposure aboard the Drone Nest

2182 A.D.Edit

  • Nadum Malshril becomes the ruler of Sperasia. 

2199 A.D.Edit

2200 A.D.Edit

  • Silhouette X's clone secretly assimilates followers into the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order
  • The Zeno-Ion Imperial splits in half
  • The Z-IIO Splinter Cell is founded by Renald X. Ion

2202 A.D.Edit

  • Ganson Argost is killed in battle

2205 A.D.Edit

  • Silhouette X's clone is brutally killed by Renald X. Ion
  • The Second Great Civil War of Zeno ends
  • The Z-IIO Splinter Cell dissolutes
  • The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order is purged and restored

2208 A.D.Edit

  • Marrek enters the Milky Way near Earth
  • Marrek's Siege of Earth begins
  • The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order quickly sends a large fleet to defend Earth
  • Renald X. Ion, Benjamin S. Drago, and Frankie Sparks board the Necroforge with HMS Swift Striker II
  • Frankie Sparks is killed by No'vis
  • No'vis and Sef are killed by Renald X. Ion and Benjamin S. Drago
  • Benjamin S. Drago is mortally wounded by Marrek
  • Renald X. Ion puts on the Star Mask and ascends into postmortality
  • Marrek is erased from Reality by the Exemplar
  • A Star Being appears and takes Benjamin S. Drago and the Exemplar to Starzeno
  • The Necroforge is destroyed
  • The Omni-Glove is destroyed
  • The Darkhart of Oblivion lands on Earth

2209 A.D.Edit

  • Joshua Ion becomes king of Zeno
  • The Soon Cult dissolutes
  • Renald X. Ion's Journal is publically displayed in the Temple of the Ancients

2210 A.D.Edit

  • Jen Zijun is killed
  • The Space Mercenary dies

2217 A.D.Edit

  • Xenocell dissolutes

c. 2240 A.D.Edit

  • Sarria Ion and The Tower mysteriously vanish

2528 A.D.Edit

  • Harbourage Elucidati takes over Earth

2530 A.D.Edit

  • The Confederate States of America is restored, and it rebels and defies the One World Order of Earth

2539 A.D.Edit

2541 A.D.Edit

  • Elucidati Station is completed

2542 A.D.Edit

  • Harbourage Elucidati makes Elucidati Station its new headquarters

2807 A.D.Edit

  • Celestial Parliament invites Earth to joins its ranks

3129 A.D.Edit

c. 3500 A.D.Edit

  • Joshua Ion rediscovers Outlier

3741 A.D.Edit

  • Bartholomew Ion becomes king of Zeno

4352 A.D.Edit

4817 A.D.Edit

  • Bartholomew Ion dies
  • Malaki O. Ion becomes king of Zeno

4871 A.D.Edit

  • Elucidati Station is destroyed
  • The One World Order of Earth dissolutes
  • The Human species is nearly driven to extinction due to Zeno's invasion
  • Earth's planetary tier rating drops to T2

c. 5000 A.D.Edit

5017 A.D.Edit

c. 5480 A.D.Edit

  • Malaki O. Ion retrieves both the Darkhart of Spelunky and the Darkhart of Oblivion

5891 A.D.Edit

  • Malaki O. Ion lifts the banishment of Eximortinitus

6749 A.D.Edit

  • Malaki O. Ion abolishes the Imperial Canon fo Zeno

c. 6750 A.D.Edit

  • The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order dissolutes
  • The Star Lords are made illegal by Malaki O. Ion

6751 A.D.Edit

  • The Z-Templar dissolutes and most of its members are arrested and executed
  • The Z-Templar Naval Forces are dissoluted and are destroyed by the Reborn Zenon Empire

6767 A.D.Edit

  • The Star Lords dissolutes and its members are arrested and executed

8951 A.D.Edit

  • the government of Gran Tierra dissolutes to form a wordly confederacy

9223 A.D.Edit

9235 A.D.Edit

9247 A.D.Edit

9250 A.D.Edit

  • The Third Great Civil War of Zeno ends
  • Malaki O. Ion is executed 
  • The Darkharts of Impurity are shot two opposite directions from eachother into Empty Space
  • The Martians and Mortecks are massacred and retreat
  • The Epsilon Order of Zeno invades Mars and several Morteckian controlled planets, decimating them
  • The Times of Contempt end

9252 A.D.Edit

  • Aetherwrath is reconstructed

9453 A.D.Edit

  • Schleurith Heipfloat dies

9751 A.D.Edit

  • Earth rejoins Celestial Parliament
  • The Rejuvenation of Earth ends

10,564 A.D.Edit

11,302 A.D.Edit

11,459 A.D.Edit

  • The Starism-Decay Ages ends

11,544 A.D.Edit

11,791 A.D.Edit

11,831 A.D.Edit

  • The Invasion of Mars ends
  • The Martian Stratocracy dissolutes
  • The Martian species becomes extinct

12,307 A.D.Edit

12,534 A.D.Edit

12,899 A.D.Edit

13,369 A.D.Edit

13,093 A.D.Edit

13,409 A.D.Edit

  • Strebor Aeternus dies

13,479 A.D.Edit

13,592 A.D.Edit

13,631 A.D.Edit

  • The Star Lord Crusades end

13,860 A.D.Edit

13,908 A.D.Edit

13,970 A.D.Edit

14,611 A.D.Edit

  • Tempra Krimmace is killed during a protest
  • The Zenon Nihilism Society dissolutes

21,377 A.D.Edit

21,452 A.D.Edit

21,501 A.D.Edit

21,549 A.D.Edit

  • Dey's War ends

21,550 A.D.Edit

21,551 A.D.Edit

  • Morbius breaks its previous isolationism and joins the Galaxicon Concordat

21,561 A.D.Edit

21,562 A.D.Edit

  • The Galaxicon-Morteckian Battles end
  • The Morteckian Empire is limited in expanse by the Galaxicon Concordat
  • The Morteckian Empire loses one fourth of its empire

21,736 A.D.Edit

21,807 A.D.Edit

21,918 A.D.Edit

  • The Z-K1 Andromedan Expedition leaves the Andromeda Galaxy with records and documntations of discoveries

21,972 A.D.Edit

  • The Z-K1 Andromedan Expedition returns to Zeno Space and ends

22,672 A.D.Edit

  • Ectrois Klitzbaer dies of over-acidization

c. 3,900,000,000 A.D.Edit

The End of TimeEdit

  • Time ends
  • Space becomes corrupt and withers away
  • Energy surceases
  • All mortals' souls are either sent to Purgatorial Damnation or Starzeno

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