Note: This page is about the wiki, itself, and is not within the reality of Zenology.

Chat Rules

  • No explicit language unless it is needed
  • Do not continue to annoy/aggravate someone if they ask you to stop
  • No linking Pornography
  • No speaking about Pornography in detail or to aggravate someone
  • No belittling people's political/religious views
  • Do not speak ill of Zenology
  • Do not spam excessively
  • Do not flood the chat
  • Do not use false/alternative accounts which may offend/harm/harass others
  • Do not "chat nuke" the chat
  • Do not speak ill of Cute Yeti or CuteYetiTv
  • You can only speak in English and Zenoxia -- do not speak in any other language unless permitted to do so
  • No talking about sexual acts in detail
  • Do not abuse sexual terms
  • No screamers
  • No seizure links (flashing colours)
  • No obscene art made by characters
  • Do not only say "?"
  • Do not sexually harass users
  • Do not ask for nude/naked pictures of users
  • Do not objectify any sex
  • Do not act sexist
  • Do not link snuff photographs or videos
  • Do not link heavy gore
  • Do not state where people live unless the person being spoke about allows it.

Wiki Rules

  • Do not make irrelevant/redundant pages
  • Do not make sexual/explicit pages
  • Do not spam pages
  • Do not belittle people's pages
  • Do not edit others' pages unless you have direct consent from the owner and/or an admin has asked for you to
  • Do not change formating unless an Admin asks you to, fixing to the standard format is okay

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