Zenolian Matter-Disolvant Bomb


The Omnipotent Zenon Imperial Navy


Zenolian Superweapon


25 meters


1 detonation

Explosive radius

Up to 625 meters


The Omnipotent Zenon Empire


A Zenolian Matter-Disolvant Bomb was a spherical capsule that contained highly-energized atoms and extremely powerful electrical pulses. When the bomb is dropped from a Zenolian Warship, it bursts open, letting the energized atoms and electrical pulses out, causing all matter in a large radius to convert into gas and plasma. Post-detonation, the entire explosion's radius is no longer existent as all of the matter was converted into gas or plasma and escaped the area. During planetary warfare, the Omnipotent Zenon Empire would ordinarily drop them over highly-populated cities, thus killing many people and dematerializing the buildings and ground. It was also occasionally used whilst mining planets.

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