Zenocore Sabre


The Omnipotent Zenon Empire




Zenocore-based Melee weapon


31.90 centimeters


  • The Omnipotent Zenon Empire
  • The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order
    • The Zenolian Imperial Navy
    • The Star Lords


Zenocore sabres were melee weapons used by the Omnipotent Zenon Empire. They are the predecessors of the synthetic plasmablades, and were more dangerous than its successors. The blade was made of carefully cut and trimmed Zenocore in the shape of a sharp spike. The hilt was made of Z-Cobalt for easy handling. Due to the potence of energy within Zenocore crystals, it could easily send surges through Zenolian technology thus temporarily overloading them. The Zenocore crystal's cut could also mortally wound other species due to radiation poisoning. After the Omnipotent Zenon Empire was defeated the Star Lords adopted the Zenocore sabres as one of their relics, and used them as their main choice of melee weaponry. After synthetic plasmablades were invented and mass-produced, they were dropped by the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order as their main melee weapon. The Star Lords, however, continued to use the Zenocore sabres.

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