Zatch Jalba



Date of Birth

1820 A.D., Magistrate City

Date of Death






Height as Adult

2.28 meters

Mass as Adult

80.32 kilograms

Eye Colour

Lime Green

Skin Colour

  • Light Grey (Zenolian)
  • Pale (Human morph)

Favored Weapon(s)

Political Information


Blood Type

Direct Zerrat Sincerus




Zun Jalba


Ulaire Jalba


Zetch Jalba


Duria Jalba


Zenolian Adventurer's Organization

"I am very fond of jungles and oceans, but what I am not fond of is Magistrate―I only come here at least once a year unless I return my artifacts to a museum."

Zatch Jalba was a Zenolian adventurer that searched books for unfound treasures, and goes to find them and bring them back to museums in the Zeno capital of Magistrate City. He was very famous for his adventures with his sibling and wife because he brought back many treasures that eventually turned into legends, which some Zenolian people that live in the wild would call the Jalba Family a legend. 

He wielded a Z-150 Plasmic Pistol and a Synthetic Plasmablade. He used the Z-150 Pistol for long ranged adventures, and sometimes used the Plasmablade, in an off form, to cut leaves that stood in his way in jungles. 


Early LifeEdit

Born to two Zenolians, Ulaire Jalba and Zun Jalba, Zatch Jalba was very athletic and adventurous in his day. He explore the inner biomes and all of Magistrate City with his friends. He dreamed of his adult life, creating an adventurer's organization, and exploring the farther biomes and other planets of Zeno Space. But what he never got was how to do all this. How would he create this organization? How would he get the money to create vehicles? And how would he get to study all these biomes with all the excitement? 

When he was about fifteen years old in look, possibly about one hundred fifty years old, he received a Synthetic Plasmablade and a Z-150 Plasmic Pistol for his adventures. He also managed to get a good job and was paid a lot of money within a month. And within a year at age one hundred seventy-nine, a few days before his birthday, he retired his job and had enough money to get everything he needed. And he also managed to study the biomes during his job, and knew just what to do in them. 

Starting the Zenolian Adventurer's OrganizationEdit

On the year 2000 AD, about a week after his birthday (turning one hundred eight) he finally filled up the papers to create the Z.A.O. or Zenolian Adventurer's Organization. And he knew just who to add first, his dear old friends since he was fifty years old, his gang. He invited his friend Duria and his sibling Zetch to join as officers. Zatch informed them of the location of their headquarters, and the equipment that he would pay for the following week so that they may start their adventures. 

In the meantime they were to locate any old treasure books of theirs and prepare for their first adventure, whatever it was. About two and a half weeks after the organization was formed, they finally found an adventure, they'd go to Zeno's Arctic Regions to locate a treasure of cold. They had to locate the Goblet of Eternal-giving. 

The Goblet of Eternal-givingEdit

Work in progress!

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