Zack Eugene Garf



Date of Birth

1820 A.D., Magistrate City

Date of Death

2013 A.D., Coldar





Height as Adult

2.22 meters

Mass as Adult

78.40 kilograms

Eye Colour


Skin Colour

Dark Grey

Favored Weapon(s)

  • Telekinesis
  • Synthetic Plasmablade
Political Information


Blood Type

Direct Zerrat Sincerus




Dax E. Garf


Ebeda K. Garf


Geralda E. Garf




The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order (formerly)

The Order of Chaos


Zack Eugene Garf was a male Zenolian born on Zeno, in Magistrate City. At a young age Zack became fond of ancient artifacts. Unfortunately, Zack had to compete with fellow artifact lover, Spectra G. Phantom. Zack was a notable practitioner of Xeykari.

Joining the Order of ChaosEdit

Upon learning of Coldar, Zack went in a quest to find ancient artifacts located on the frozen planet, unfortunately, Spectra G. Phantom beat Zack to it. Emperor Simon Blaze gave Spectra access to study the Sword of Light, the personal sword of the Emperors of Coldar. Furious, Zack entered the Blaze Palace vowing revenge against Spectra and all of Coldar, the Zenolian was then expelled from the Palace, while he heard the laughs coming from Spectra and Simon. One day, Zack disappeared and searches were made on Coldar and Zeno, but he was nowhere to be found. Zack had set up a base of operations, known as Revenge Point, on Artic, the moon of Coldar. Zack soon went insane and then in 1980 A.D., a mysterious figure named Onow Kard offered Zack help. The Zenolian accepted, thus joining the Order of Chaos. For 20 years, they began making a plan to destroy the Enternal Coldarian Empire and Spectra G. Phantom. Unfortunately, their plan had to be delayed another 13 years, as Spectra and most of the Coldarian Military was fighting on Reshia.

The Day of Chaotic Crisis and DeathEdit

Main article: [[The Day of Chaotic Crisis]]

In 2013 A.D., Zack and Onow Kard begin their Galatic Chaos Campaing.

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