Z-K1 Andromedan Expedition

Leader of Expedition

Ectrois Klitzbaer

Notable Members

  • Sude Audath
  • Gouzo Cori
  • Haen Decirrey
  • Baniea Noboe

Start of Expedition

21,736 A.D.

End of Expedition

21,972 A.D.

Main Goal

To successfully travel to the Andromeda Galaxy, and back, to examine its liveliness


The Z-K1 Andromedan Expedition was a 236-year-long journey from Zeno to the Andromeda Galaxy. The expedition team was composed of 149 Zenolians (most either being archaeologists, scientists, and explorers) led by notorious Zenolian historian Ectrois Klitzbaer. The group used a fleet of over 70 Z-Arbalests -- all modified to hold much more cargo than usual -- to reach the Andromeda Galaxy in a short amount of time. Klitzbaer's team left Zeno Space in 21,736 and returned in 21,972. The expedition brought back hundreds of documents, recordings, and findings from Andromeda that showed that the galaxy had little to no sentient life within it, and that many solar systems were desolated by something unnatural. Ectrois later connected his discoveries with the infamous Star Being Marrek and his ancient superweapon known as the Necroforge. The overall expedition rocked the entire Milky Way's core, as it was publically seen possible to travel to Andromeda and back.

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