Yeti dude

Planet of Origin

  • Boreas (original)
  • Earth (Migrated)

Chosen language(s)

  • Growenta (original)
  • English (adopted)



Height of average adult

2.3 meters

Skin colour

Light grey to black

Normal hair colour(s)

  • White
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Creamy yellow
  • Lavender

Average lifespan

235 Earth years


  • Yetitine
  • Sasquatchinaqua


Humanoid/mammal/Ape-like/sharp teeth/height/large feet/large hands


Yetis were a humanoid species from the arctic planet of Boreas. They were tall and had thick fur. Their society was quite sophisticated despite their appearance. When the Mortecks invaded Boreas, the Yetis fought furiously to keep the spider-like scourge off of their homeworld. However, they were eventually defeated and most of the Yeti species was eliminated. The several thousand that survived the invasion escaped Boreas and traveled across the Milky Way until finally stumbling upon Earth. They crash-landed in several locations across Earth including the Himalayan Mountains and Canada.

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