Planet of origin


  • Found in the Grent'syln'frae Nebula



Length of average adult

27,000 meters

Skin colour

White to black

Average lifespan

67,000 Earth years


Four extremely large eyes/several hundred small eyes/flexible, long body/eight flexible, eel-like limbs/weak gravity field


Xlaei'trae were extremely large creatures found within and near the Grent'syln'frae Nebula. Xlaei'trae need nitrogren andor oxygen to survive and so they linger within the nebula, which happens to be fruitful in those two gases. Several solar systems located near the nebula have planets which have extremely large craters and caves on them; they are thought to be formed by Xlaei'trae digging into them, in search for shelter andor oxygen and nitrogen.

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