Shada M. Xeykar


Satra Phantom

Draze Phantom

Spectra G. Phantom

Zack E. Garf

Valery Zaptros

  • and millions of others


All Zenolian Governments

  • The Star Lords
  • The Z-Templar


Xeykari was an ancient Zenolian combat style created by Star Overlord Shada M. Xeykar of the Star Lords. Xeykari was named after Shada's last name. Xeykari was an offensive/defensive combat style, relying on a combination of speed and strength, also, while fighting it was reinforced with Telekinesis, to help the practitioner. Xeykari proved to be an effective combat style when used proprely. It was used during the First Great Civil War of Zeno by the Zenolian freedom fighters and the Star Lords. The Omnipotent Zenon Empire Military used offensive hand-to-hand combat and so they were in disadvantage against the offensive/defensive style of the freedom fighters. Academies were created when the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order was founded. Spectra G. Phantom was a notable practitioner who taught Valery Zaptros. Because of Valery's weak Telekinesis, she had problems using Xeykari.

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