• Samuel Goldstone (Founder)
  • Numerous others


Thousands of individuals



  • The United States of America
  • Great Britain


  • The United States of America
  • Great Britain
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Australia


1109 A.D.


2217 A.D.


  • The United States of America
    • The Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • The Central Intelligence Agency
  • Great Britain
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Tasmania

Primary role(s)

  • To undermine nations' knowledge of extra-terrestrial oddities and phenomena
  • To learn about the Zenolian species
  • To get the world to integrate into a One World Order so stellar space travel will be easier to obtain
  • To capture/obtain Zenolian technology


Xenocell is the mysterious splintercell organization founded by George Goldstone's son, Samuel Goldstone. After the dissolution of the Cult of the Dark One, and at the demise of his father, Samuel wanted to learn the mysterious origins of Ichabad Mortem, and started his own cult-like group. The name, "Xenocell" was based off Ichabad's species, "Zenolian". But since there was no established spelling of any words, he misspelled it as "Xeno" as opposed to "Zeno". Over the next few centuries, Xenocell grew in number, but remained in total secrecy. In the 1600s, several members of Xenocell were accused of conspiring against the ruler of Great Britain, and were inevitably executed. The other members, fearing for their lives, boarded the Mayflower, along with the Pilgrims, and arrived in America. As the Colonies expanded and grew, so did Xenocell. When the United States of America was officially born and eventually won its independence, Xenocell became interested. Several decades passed before Xenocell finally slithered its way into the inner sanctum of the American government, and embedded itself as a secretive splinter cell. In the 1870s, Xenocell sent several groups across the world to expand. After embedding itself within several other countrys' governments, Xenocell rose with power. Almost any unnatural, unexplainable phenomenon that happened and was withheld from the public by the governments made its way to Xenocell. In the 2100s, a strange occurance in space happened in where audio of explosions and static was picked up. Flashes of lime green, red, purple, and yellow could also be seen near the moon's position. Xenocell, now one of the world's most funded organizations, insisted that it was Zenolian-originated, but the governments it was intertwined with brushed that theory off. In 2208 A.D., when Marrek was about to destroy Earth, and the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order saved it, and the universe, the Human public became fully aware that aliens existed. Xenocell, now having no real reason to exist, began to dissolute, and eventually vanished altogether in 2217 A.D.

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