The leader of Vibrocron

Vibrocron is a mercenary group that travels the milky way glalaxy. the group consists of 30 mercenarys includin 5 lead ones. Each member is from earth. The 5 lead mercenarys lead independant factions in the group each faction consists of 6 mercenarys. There is

1.) the infantry faction- this faction is the ground control body and takes care of defending the base or frontal assaults. Its not the best armored and usually works with the tank faction to get most jobs done

2.)Stealth faction- this faction is made up of the stealtier ground mercenarys. members of these factions use stealth and various tricks from ninjas to get done different jobs such as:

   a.) espionage which is infiltration or gathering intelligence

   b.) Covert operations which is sabotage or assasination

   c.) Cambat in the stealth factions case it was indirect 

the stealth faction was like modern nijas each of their weapons were also tools the shot swords most of them used could be used to pry doors and the scabbard could hold blinding powders. Each mercenary had different tools accourding to their fight style.

3.) Tank faction - the tank faction was for heavy duty fighting. They were either robots or had very hard armor. Tank mercenarys would be used when there are alot of people some where that need to be taken out. They could work in sync with the stealth faction or when on the defensive work well with the infatry faction.

4.) Air faction - the air faction controlled most of the vehicles Vibroncron would use. It would supply with ways to escape planets using ships or provide air support to any of the other factions. they where all usually good with mechanics and helped repair broken gear

5.) sniper faction - the sniper faction helped watch the other factions blind side while in the field each sniper would be responsible for looking what was happening at different jobs and taking out the leader or the main target. If the stealth faction couldn't destroy the target the sniper would pick him off at first opportunity.

Vibrocron isn't an uniformed army each mercenary will use attire confortable and what they are used to. This will decide which faction they belong in. Vibrocron is know to have different hide outs on different planets but they have a main one on. TBA

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