Princess Valery Zaptros
Valery Zaptros



Date of Birth

1836 A.D.

Date of Death

2080 A.D., Earth






1.82 Meters


60.18 Kilograms

Hair Color

Dark Purple/Pink

Eye Color


Skin Color

Light Pink

Caucasion (Human Disguise)


Blood Type









Spectra G. Phantom


Arthos Z. Phantom


The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order

The Enternal Coldarian Empire

The Lithian Monarchy (formerly)

Reshka Central Slave Organization (formerly)

Favored Weapon(s)

Custom Long Knife

Energy Staff

Z-150 Plasmic Pistol


Valery Zaptros was a female Lithian and the first known Lithian to appear in the Galaxy since B.C. turned to A.D. During her early life on her unknown home planet, Valery was the Princess of the Lithians. She was given the title, "The Warrior Princess", because of her fiery spirit. It is unknown how she was captured by Reshkade hunter, Kra'far. According to her, she was sent by her father who's name she forgot because of the time she spent in the slave pits on Reshia. Her ship was hit by an asteroid and all the power went down, leaving her ship drifting in space. Then Kra'far's ship found her by mistake, while looking for supplies, the Reshkade noticed her. For the next 30 years, she would live as a slave.

The Slavery WarEdit

"Where's Spectra and Valery?"

"I saw the two entering the guest room, laughing. Should I call them, sir?"

"No, leave them."- Simon asking about the whereabouts of Valery and Spectra

In 2000 A.D., Valery heard of the attack on the Coldarian ship, the Cold Empress. She became good friends with Nadia Blaze, the Empress of Coldar, Valery swore to protect Nadia while they waited for Nadia's husband to come to Reshia. During the Slavery War, when the Coldarians broke the Reshkade blockade and troops started landing on the surface, including Spectra G. Phantom and Emperor Simon Blaze. When the two entered the slave pits they found the female area and Valery reacted to the strange armed men, holding her Energy Staff and preparing to attack them. After the confusion was lifted, Valery kept coming closer to the Zenolian, Spectra, and so did he. Valery had never seen a Zenolian. Unfortunately, Kra'far ambushed the rescue party, killing the soldiers from Cryo Squad and knocking down Spectra and Simon, Valery grabbed her Energy Staff and told Nadia to take cover. Valery and Kra'far engaged in a dramatic and fatal duel that ended with Kra'far's life at the hands of Spectra G. Phantom. A few hours later, the Coldarian Fleet left Reshia, thus ending the war. Emperor Simon Blaze asked the crew about the whereabouts of Spectra G. Phantom and Valery Zaptros. The admiral commanding the Star North said that the two went to the guest room, Simon then told the admiral not to call them. After they were rewarded, Spectra took Valery to Zeno, where they married.

The Day of Chaotic CrisisEdit

In 2013 A.D., Valery and Spectra helped Simon Blaze defeat the Order of Chaos, during the Day of Chaotic Crisis.


In 2080 A.D., Spectra and Valery were traveling to Earth for their anniversary. But a problem in the Hunter caused them to crash land on Antarctica. The communication console was badly damaged and with no way to get help, the two soon died due to starvation.

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