Zeno-Ion Imperial Order

Type of government

Constitutional Monarchy

Founding Document

The Tyranny Ending Compact


The Imperial Canon of Zeno

Head of government

King of Zeno


  • Grand General(s)
    • (May include the King)
  • Grand Admiral(s)
    • (May include the King)
  • The Beta-King (If one is present)

Legislative Branch

The Dark Legion Council

  • The King of Zeno
  • The Queen of Zeno
  • The Beta-King of Zeno
  • The Royal Children of Zeno
  • Grand Admiral(s)
  • Grand General(s)
  • Grand Magistrates
  • Governours

Executive Branch

  • The King of Zeno
  • The Queen of Zeno
  • The Beta-King of Zeno

Judicial Branch

  • The Zeno Supreme Court
    • Grand Magistrates
  • Zeno Bereau Courts


Zeno, Magistrate City

Chosen Language(s)


  • Ancient
  • Modern


Zenox Power Tokens

State Religious Body

The Star Lords

National Holiday(s)

  • Freedom Week (Celebrates the defeat of The Omnipotent Zenon Empire)
  • Hallow's Eden (Celebrates Starism, the Star Beings, and the Zenocore)


The Sunless World


+150 Trillion

Date of Establishment

8,495 B.C.

Date of Dissolution

c. 6,750 A.D.

Date of Restoration

c. 9,250 A.D.


The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order was created by Omni A. Ion and the ancestors of Benjamin S. Drago and Spectra G. Phantom. It was formed three years after the dissolution of the Zenox Axis of Power. It ruled over Zeno Space for approximately 14,500 years.

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