The Z. Shipyard Tragedy


13,592 A.D.


Z. Shipyard & Foundry Centre, Zeno Space


  • The death of 3+ million Zenolians
  • Immense collateral damage to the Z. Shipyard & Foundry Centre
  • Eiveret Lissam having his mind re-synchronized


The Z. Shipyard Tragedy was an extremely tragic day in Zenolian history. Eiveret Lissam and his team, within the Physics Sector of the Z. Shipyard & Foundry Centre, were working on creating Zenolian Quantum Expanses to better advance Zeno's technology, but in kinetic backlash, their experiment caused a massive energy pulse that engulfed all of the Z. Shipyard & Foundry Centre Station. The accident left over three million Zenolians dead, and cost hundreds of billions of Zenox Power Tokens in damage.

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