The Worldly Anschluss of Earth

Type of government

Bureaucratic Confederation

Founding document

Objetivos Comunes Document


Worldly Acts of Coalition

Head of governments

Earth's Prime Administrator

Legislative Branch

The Conclave of Earth

Executive Branch

  • Earth's Prime Administrator
  • Prime Emissary of Ferrycain
  • Prime Emissary of El Fuerte
  • Prime Emissary of San Belleza
  • Prime Emissary of Winterholme
  • Prime Emissary of Raedia

Judicial Branch

Earth's Libertarian Magistrates


Baño de Sol, the Gulf Coast

Chosen language(s)

  • English
  • Spanish


Worldly Comchip

State Religious Body

Undefined (Freedom of religion)

National holiday(s)

  • Christmas
  • June's Equinox
  • Anschluss Day


Para Perdonó Nosotros


c. 9 billion

Date of establishment

8951 A.D.


The Worldly Anschluss of Earth, commonly referred to as Earth's Anschluss, was a federation of Earth's six countries that were founded after the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order nearly eradicated the Human species. The overall confederation, however, was founded by the government of Gran Tierra, as it dissoluted to combine its five compeers into one worldly government to once again join Celestial Parliament.

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