The Times of Contempt


The Times of Contempt


c. 9,250 A.D.


Zeno Space


  • The Martian Stratocracy & The Morteckian Empire retreat after being heavily defeated
  • Zenolians are feared even more
  • Celestial Parliament punishes The Martian Stratocracy
  • Mars is attacked in retaliation by the Zenolians
  • Several planets under the Mortecks' control are attacked by the Zenolians


The Times of Contempt was a large event after the end of the Third Great Civil War of Zeno. After Malaki O. Ion was executed and the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order was dissoluted, and as the Zenolian people began to rebuild their shambled planet, the Martian Stratocracy and the Morteckian Empire called a truce and tried to invade Zeno Space. After a long battle, the Martian Stratocracy and the Morteckian Empire retreated with less than 3% of their original fleets. Shortly after the founding of the Epsilon Order of Zeno, the Zenolians decided to retaliate by launching a full-on invasion on Mars. After the attack, the Martian Stratocracy nearly fell apart. The Epsilon Order of Zeno also attacked several planets of the Mortecks to strike fear into them.

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