The Silhouette X Wars

Beginning of War

1982 A.D.

End of War

1986 A.D.


  • The restoration of Celestial Parliament
  • The dissolution of Celestial Recommission
  • The capture and execution of Silhouette X
  • The destruction of Silhouette X's Cloning Facility
  • The liberation of the Milky Way

Major battles

  • The First Battle
  • The Space Siege Campaign
  • The Space Battle of X'inlar
  • The Invasion of X'inlar
  • The Zenolian Skirmishes
  • The Battle of Trezla
  • The Liberation of X'inlar

Casualty Total

c. 3.1 trillion


The Silhouette X Wars (also known as, "the War of All Wars" and, "the War for Dominance") was a galactic-scale war led by Silhouette X, the renegade clone of Xizzle X. Ion. Silhouette X led a campaign to strike all in his way until he reached X'inlar, the Milky Way's capitol, and then capture it and recommision Celestial Parliament. He temporarily took control of the galaxy, until Renald X. Ion led the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order into war, in which they quickly defeated Celestial Recommision. Silhouette X was then taken to Dark Moon and executed.

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