One of Bedlam


Unknown, arrived from Empty space

Date of Birth

Sometime before 500 million B.C.

Date of Death

25,254 A.D., Usterklaborr


Unknown, Antegerian

Length at full potential

est. 8,500 kilometers

Eye colour

Luminescent white

Skin colour

Various dark colours


The One of Bedlam is a gargantuan-sized Antegerian that appeared in the Milky Way near the Wild Systems in the Brim of the Edge. The Antegerian's presence came into galactic urgency after a cargo freighter reported a strange anomaly he spotted whilst taking a shortcut through the WIld Systems. The beast was confirmed by a squadron of Galaxicon battlecruisers. 

After it was revealed that the One of Bedlam was hostile and that it was destroying and engulfing entire planets, the Galaxicon Concordat and the Epsilon Order of Zeno waged war on the creature, eventually killing it in a destructive chain of events.

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