The One World Order of Earth

Type of government

Bureaucratic Aristocracy

Founding document

The Planetary Assimilation Acts

Head of government

Elucidati Overseer


  • Antarctica (formally)
  • Elucidati Station

Chosen language(s)



Globalist dollar


Elucidation of the World


+36.8 billion

Date of Establishment

2528 A.D.

Date of dissolution

4871 A.D.


The One World Order of Earth was a global government created by the Harbourage Elucidati after assilimating itself into almost all Earthy governments. The One World Order was destroyed when the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order led a large genocide on Earth, destroying Elucidati Station, the Harbourage Elucidati, and nearly all of the Human race.

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