The Omni-Glove


Xerxes X. Ion


  • Glove
  • Gauntlet
  • Weapon


c. 3025 B.C.


  • To make the Rulers of Zeno have an easier time ruling and to do an omniumgatherum of actions and oddjobs
  • Cybernetic replacement for Ren Ion's severed left hand


  • Plasmic Blaster mounted on top wrist
  • Purged Darksteel hull
  • Holographic interface
  • Technological override node
  • Zenocore shard powercell
  • Telekinetic amplifier
  • Wireless control interface


The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order

  • The Rulers of Zeno
    • Xerxes X. Ion
    • Xizzle X. Ion
    • Renald X. Ion


The Omni-Glove was a highly powerful glove that the rulers of Zeno wore during their reign. It was invented by Xerxes X. Ion approximately 3025 B.C. There was only one created, so only the leader of Zeno could have one. The Omni-Glove includes several tools within it such as a technological override node used to wirelessly overload and override technology. It was lost during Marrek's Siege of Earth.

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