The Nexian Supremacy Conquest

Beginning of War

38,206 B.C.

End of War

38,201 B.C.


  • One third of all life is wiped out on Keshia
  • Emperor of the Umbre system is killed
  • The Wanaala System surrenders to the Nexo Monarchy
  • Citizens of Xuan enters a three year feud with Nexus
  • All systems fall under control of the Nexo Monarchy
  • The Nexo Monarchy is reformed into the Nexus Union

Major battles

  • The Raiding of Keshia
    • Project: Extermination
  • Invasion for Umbre
    • Attack on the Umbreon Palace
  • The Xuanex Conflicts
    • Space Battle of Xuanex
    • First Battle of Xuanex
    • Raiding of Xuan
    • Take Over of the Xuan System
    • Raiding of Nexus V
    • Battle for Kaaz
    • Attack on the Maze
    • Second Battle of Xuanex

Casualty Total

3.8 billion


The Nexian Supremacy Conquest was a vast series of major battles of a five year run (38,206 B.C.- 38,201 B.C.). The series of battles occurred in all five systems of the Diamond Cluster. The Nexo Monarchy planned to create a reputation of dominance and by doing so countless lives were taken. They raided the five systems, leaving a scar of destruction once the battles were over. It took only two years to have control of the Kesh System, the Umbre System, and the Wanala System. It took three years to have control of the Xuan System itself. Once the whole entire Diamond Cluster was under full and complete control, the Nexo Monarchy was reformed into the Nexus Union.

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