The Misanthropist's Invasion of Earth


The Human Genocide Campaign


2150 A.D.


Earth (Surrounding space)


  • The death of the Misanthropist
  • The Martian Stratocracy is fined by Celestial Parliament
  • The dissolution of the DTHO
  • The loss of the Darkhart of Spelunky
  • The Human species is saved


The Misanthropist's Invasion of Earth was an event that took place in Earth's spatial area. When the Misanthropist's organization (The DTHO), and the Martian Stratocracy set up a fleet to invade Earth, Renald X. Ion quickly found out due to the Z-Templar scouts hiding on the darkside of Earth's moon. Renald then led a fleet of Zenolian warships to the Solaris System and quickly assailed the Misanthropist's fleet. When Renald boarded The Misanthropist's flagship, he was shocked to see that the Misanthropist would crash himself into Earth's largest city. Renald, however, spoke to him and emotionally persuaded to not go along with his plan. Just as it seemed to be too late, the Misanthropist had a change of heart and tried to stop his flagship. The flagship, now being pulled by Earth's atmosphere, was unable to veer out of Earth's way. In a heroic redeem, The Misanthropist told Renald to evacuate. When he made sure everyone was off the ship but himself, the Misanthropist jumped into the power reactor of the ship. The engines quickly overheated and the flagship exploded into dust. The rest of the fleet was quickly vanquished by the Zenolian fleet. Renald X. Ion then went back to Zeno and hailed The Misanthropist as a fallen hero who redeemed himself. The Darkhart of Spelunky, which is what kept the Misanthropist immortal, had hurtled toward Earth and crash-landed somewhere on it, not to be found until centuries later.

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