The Invasion of Mars


The Earthguard Campaign


11,831 A.D.




  • The dissolution of the Martian Stratocracy
  • The extinction of the Martian species
  • The partial destruction of the planet Mars


The Invasion of Mars was a large battle waged on Mars by the Epsilon Order of Zeno. It was backlash for the Martian Stratocracy forcibly raiding a large supply of water from Earth to sustain life on Mars. After Earth contacted Zeno of the assail, Grand General Strebor Aeternus led a large attack on Mars, using plasmic and physics warfare. Due to the weakening state of the Martian speices, they were quickly eradicated within one Earth week. Due to Zenolian warships using potent physics weapons, a large portion of Mars was pulverized and in dematerialization.

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