The Harbinger



Date of Birth



Unknown humanoid species


Supposedly male

Height as Adult

Supposedly between 1.7-2.6 meters

Eye colour

Supposedly White or Red

Skin colour

Presumably black


The Harbinger was a mysterious entity that has been spotted near the areas of catastrophes prior to them happening. He is commonly referred to as "The Harbinger" because he seems to be a harbinger for cataclysmic events, since there are only sightings of him prior to the events. The Harbinger is a rather tall humanoid silhouette which seems to be wearing a hat and trench coat. He is usually seen standing in hard to reach places such as on top of buildings. He has also been spotted in crowds either lingering in one spot, or slowly sauntering with the crowd. Some sightings of the Harbinger have even stated that he vanishes without sign. Examining locations where the Harbinger has been sometimes shows very weak traces of dark-matter. The oldest supposed sighting of the Harbinger was in 43,791 B.C.


The Harbinger has been assimilated into many cultures such as the Zenolian culture, the Tenebrosi Lacerta culture, the Reshkade culture, and even the Human culture. Since he is in an omniumgatherum of cultures, the Harbinger goes by many names. Here is a list of several of his arbitrary names:

In Human CultureEdit

  • Death
  • Mothman
  • The Grim Reaper

In Zenolian CultureEdit

  • The Harbinger
  • The Overseer

In Tenebrosi Lacerta CultureEdit

  • Præpositus

In Reshkade CultureEdit

  • Vii'daen

In Celestian CultureEdit

  • Knytemaerus
  • The Temporal Onlooker

In Martian CultureEdit

  • Chaoshand

In Morteckian CultureEdit

  • Mor'fiy'nza

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