The Galaxicon-Morteckian Battles

Beginning of War

21,561 A.D.

End of War

21,562 A.D.


  • The deaths of millions of Mortecks
  • Galaxicon Concordat's restriction of the Morteckian Empire's expanse
  • The Morteckian Empire's loss of jurisdiction over hundreds of worlds

Major Battles

  • The Invasion of the Harbian Nebula
  • The Battle of Krargantof
  • The Assails of the Solaris System
  • De'maine's Stance

Casualty Total

c. 17 billion


The Galaxicon-Morteckian Battles was a one year-long cluster of battles, invasions, and strikes made by the Morteckian Empire against the Galaxicon Concordat and the planets underneath it. The Mortecks had hoped that attacking the young governmental entity would maim it enough so that it could pose no threat to the Morteckian Empire's aspirations for galactic dominance. However, with the combined efforts of mainly Earth, Morbius, and Harbitros, the Morteckian Empire took the majority of casualties. The Mortecks finally surrendered and signed a treaty that would limit their ability to expanse and give up one fourth of their current jurisdiction, liberating hundreds of planets simultaneously.

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