Enternal Coldarian Empire
Enternal Coldarian Empire Symbol

Type of government

Constitutional Empire

Founding Document

The Treaty of Expansion


The Imperial Canon of Coldar

Head of government

  • Emperor of Coldar
  • Empress of Coldar


Ministry of War

  • Minister of War
  • Supreme General
    • (May include the Emperor)
  • Grand Admiral(s)

Legislative Branch

The High Council of Coldar

  • The Emperor of Coldar
  • The Empress of Coldar
  • Governor of Artic
  • Minister of War

Executive Branch

  • The Emperor of Coldar
  • The Empress of Coldar
  • Governor of Artic

Judicial Branch

  • The Great Coldarian Court
  • Coldar´s Security Force


Crystallos City

Chosen Language(s)



Coldarian Tokens

State Religious Body

The Cult of Coldar

National Holiday(s)

  • Crystallos City Massacre Memorial Day (tribute to the victims the Crystallos City Massacre during the Civil War)
  • Festival of Snow (celebration of the founding of the Enternal Coldarian Empire)
  • War Day (celebrates all battles won by the Coldarians)
  • Cult Week (celebrates the beliefs of the Cult of Coldar)


Frozen Glory


68 Billion

Date of Establishment

c. 40,075 B.C.

Date of Dissolution

Sometime around 60,005 A.D.


The Enternal Coldarian Empire was the main goverment of Coldar. It was founded by Emperor Marcus Blaze, who unified the many tribes into one goverment. In the year of 9,625 B.C., a Coldarian named Vork Breaker tryed becoming the new ruler of Coldar but was defeated in the Grand Coldarian Civil War, by Cundolt Blaze. It was ruled by the Emperor of Coldar. The Zenolian, Spectra G. Phantom and the Lithian, Valery Zaptros were allies of the Enternal Coldarian Empire, because of their heroic display in too major conflicts, the Slavery War and the Day of Chaotic Crisis.

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