The Empass Court
Empass Court symbol

Type of Government


Head of Government

Entire Court


Archvolvis, TeBridge City

Chosen Language



  • Merrit Cards
  • Irronic Bits
  • Irronic Geodes

State Religious Body


National Holidays

  • Polloew's Discovery (Celebrates the foundation of Industrialization begun by Arrol Polloew)
  • Empass Day (Celebrates the power of The Empass Court)

Date of Establishment

c. 2,068 B.C.

Date of Dissolution

c. 657 A.D.

The Empass Court was the former ruling group of Archvolvis before Amaranthine's rule. It consisted of 8 Arachgonile leaders, one of them including Sigmund Vora, who was eventually removed for planning to use the military to conquer the planet. Soon after, Amaranthine joined with Sigmund Vora and the military followers and executed the entire Court.

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