The Elurian Union

Type of government

Republic Independance

Founding Document

New Elurian Document

Head of government

Supreme Chancellor of Eluria


  • The Chancellor of Eluria
  • The Sisters of Eluria

Judicial Branch

The Elurian Supreme Court


Eluria, Eluria City

Chosen language(s)


  • Ancient


Elurian Joku Tokens

National Holiday(s)

Union Day (Celebrates decloration of the government)


Rise of Elurians


48 trillion

Date of establishment

23,039 B.C.


The Elurian Union was the Eluris System's Republic-based government. It controls all of the Eluris System and its surroundings. Before its formation the Elurian Monarch's emperor and his council of advisers had spread corruption across all of Eluria. Its laws and restrictions created a major uproar among the Monarch's citizens and soon enough a civil war began. The freedom fighting rebels of the citizens won the war and removed all official members of the Monarch from office. It was then reformed into a government more powerful than the late Imperial Order.

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