The Elurian Civil War

Beginning of War

23,043 B.C.

End of War

23,039 B.C.


Major battles

  • The First Battle of Eluria
    • Freeing the Slaves
  • Space Battle over Eluria
    • Raid of the Elurix Union of Operations Base
  • Invasion of Elur I
    • Destruction of the Monarch's Military System.
  • Second Battle of Eluria
    • Breaking the City-wide Blockade
  • Takeover of Eluria City
    • Invasion of the Capitol

Casualty Total

1.7 million


The Elurian Civil War was a series of major battles of a four year run (23,043 B.C. - 23,039 B.C.). The series of battles occured on and above Eluria in space and its moon Elur I. The Elurian Monarch 's laws (slavery over the Phobis species being one of them) and restrictions was the cause a major uproar in the Eluris System and brought the war to a start. The citizen's freedom fighting rebels unexpectedly proved victorious in the war and removed all official members of the Monarch from office. With the freedom of the slaves and the help of the Elurian rebels the Monarch was reformed into a government more powerful than the late Imperial Order.

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