The Des'rat Pirates


Fi'faeta Des'rat


Hundreds of criminals






1819 A.D.


1910 A.D.

Primary role(s)

  • To pirate anything valuable and to make a profit


The Des'rat Pirates was a criminal organization founded by Fi'faeta Des'rat in 1819 A.D. Hundreds of criminals from all species quickly signed up and the faction quickly became one of the most infamous organizations in the Milky Way. Celestial Parliament was outraged by the piracy and murder connected with the organization and had set out to capture and kill them. IN 1906 A.D., Dread Mortem hired Fi'faeta Des'rat, and his organization, to apprehend Renald X. Ion and Benjamin S. Drago, whom were hunting for the Star Mask. Shortly after filling his end of the deal, Des'rat asked for his pay, but Dread betray and killed him. The Des'rat Pirates, in fear, cowered away and left Zeno as quickly as they could. Within the next four years, the criminal organization dissoluted and vanished into nothing. Most of the members abandoned it, or were arrested and executed by Celestial Parliament.

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