The Dark Wars of Morbius

Beginning of War

c. 40,250 B.C.

End of War

c. 40,100 B.C.


  • The extinction of the Morbian species
  • Celestians dominating Morbius
  • Celestians becoming the only sentient native species on Morbius

Major battles

Numerous unnamed battles

Casualty Total

c. 2.6 trillion


The Dark Wars of Morbius was a series of large battles and wars sometime between 40,250 B.C. and 40,100 B.C. The battles happened all across the planet of Morbius. Morbians wanted dominance of the planet, instead of sharing it with their brother-species, the Celestians, so they went to war with them. In the end, the Celestians had fended them off and extincted them. 

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