The Crouthian Civil War

Beginning of War

510 A.D.

End of War

520 A.D.


  • The extinction of the Crouthian species
  • Trez'a'crouth becoming a T0 planet

Major Battles

  • The Crouthian Onslaught
  • The Invasion of Crouthtop
  • The Battle of the Continent of Trezina

Casualty Total

c. 15 billion


The Crouthian Civil War was the planet-scale war that extincted the Crouthian species. It took place on the planet of Trez'a'crouth, shortly after it leaving Celestial Parliament. A few years after the war, a Zenolian male known as "The Misanthropist" found a young Crouthian female and took her off of the planet, to Earth.

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