The Confederate States of America

Type of government

Confederal Republic

Head of government




Legislative Branch

  • Congress
  • The Senate
  • The House of Represenatives

Judicial Branch

The Supreme Court


  • Montgomery, Alabama (formally)
  • Richmond, Virginia

Chosen language(s)



Confederate Dollar


  • Dixie (Unofficial/traditional)
  • God Save the South (Unofficial)


+9 million

Date of Establishment

1861 A.D.

Date of dissolution

1865 A.D.

Date of restoration

2530 A.D.


The Confederate States of America was formed from the states that seceded from the United States of America, in 1861 A.D. The southern states of America came together and formed a Confederacy. After anger from both the Confederacy and the United States, civil war broke out. When Renald X. Ion visited Earth in 1864 A.D., he decided to help the Confederacy fight for the remainder of his visit. During the Battle of Cold Harbor, Ren helped Confederate General Robert E. Lee defend Richmond from a Union invasion led by Union General Uslysses S. Grant. WIth Renald's help, the Confederates easily won the battle. 

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