The Cobalt Facility




Fuel Refinery Station


7.25 kilometers


  • Fuel refinery
  • Fuel rig


  • Biocatharsis
  • Celestial Parliament

Earliest sightings

1969 A.D.


The Cobalt Facility was a fuel refinery station located near X'inlar. It produced a large percentage Celestial Parliament's fuel, especially on the planet it orbits around. The facility was constructed several years after Biocatharsis, the company that owns it, was founded. Biocatharsis quickly hired thousands of X'et'li to work within the refinery. However, in 1998, there were hundreds of reports of X'et'li employees mysteriously vanishing whilst working. Celestial Parliament detectives investigated further, and found out that an abnormally large amount of Celestial Parliament citizens -- all being of the X'et'li species -- had mysteriously vanished every year since 1970 A.D. Several years later it was discovered that X'et'li were abducted from their homes and from their workplace and were taken into the Cobalt Facility. There, they were fed dangerous chemicals and then herded into factory-like sectors of the facility, where they were individually chosen. One at a time, a circular blade would drill into their heart and then extract their chemically-altered blood to be purged and refined into a 'biomass' fuel. Haekreus Fa'metreit, founder of Biocatharsis, was founded guilty of several hundred charges against Celestial Parliament and executed. His company was dissoluted shortly after, and the Cobalt Facility was sent adrift, out of the Milky Way.

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