The Bioma System
The Bioma System

Galactic Parameter

Brim of the Edge




Coldairan Space

  • Coldar
  • Artic

Sicca Prime Space

  • Sicca Prime
  • Sicca Minor

Carcerian Space

  • CarcerE
  • Carcere II

Elarian Space

  • Elaria
  • Elta

Space stations

Trade Point Station


  • Inner System
  • Outer System

Native species

  • Coldarian
  • Leonian
  • Feroxian
  • Elarian

Chosen language(s)

  • Coldian
  • Felinia
  • Feroxa
  • Elarian


  • Celestial Parliament
  • The Enternal Coldarian Empire
  • The Royal Leonian Kingdom
  • Feroxian Union
  • Government of Elaria


The Bioma System was a solar system near the edge of the galaxy. It contains Coldar, Sicca Prime, Carcere and  Elaria. The system contains a fruit only found on the planets around Bioma, Fructum Cibus. During the Omnipotent Zenon Empire's Mining Campaing, the Bioma System was one of the systems targeted for mining.

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