Planet of Origin


Chosen language(s)




Height of average adult

1.66 meters

Skin colour


Normal hair colour(s)

White, Grey or Black

Average lifespan

125 Earth years.


Tenalpians are the species who lived primarily on Tenalp. They are remarkably intelligent and have travelled across the galaxy to learn for centuries. They are known for their passion to learn and their calmness. They are a pacifist race, having never taken part in a war. 

Fairy tales of TenalpEdit

The D'monEdit

Rough translation of the ancient Tenalp language.

Thr was once a D’mon who lived on Nom. H’ was mad of flam’s and ‘everal horn’. Nights and days h’ would watch T’nalp from afar. H’ d’spisd the T’nalpians. H’ was disgust’d by thir lack of war. War was what sparat’d the strong from a wave of cowards. Th D’mon ‘njoyed war. But the T’nalpians did not, for thay ‘njoyed ducation and cai’nc. Th’y ‘njoyd ducation, which th D’mon did not car for. One day, aft’r the T’nalpians had what th’y call’d a graduation  labration, the D’mon had nough. H’ jump’d from Nom and fall to T’nalp and rag’d at th l’adrs of the plan’t. H’ xclaimd his disgust and hatr’d for the T’nalpians and how h’ wantd a war to happn. Aft’r an hour of causing a ruckus, the D’mon calmd. The l’aders glancd at ach othr b’for thy lookd at th D’mon and told him to r’ad a book. And so a T’nalpian gav the D’mon a book. Th D’mon was consd, but cid’d to rad th book once told it was a book about war. Aft’r finishing the book, which spoke of the bloody and brutal wars that occur’d across the galaxy, th D’mon realized that war was ‘vil. War toom pr’cious livs. And so th D’mon cam to his s’ns and l’arnt the r’ason why th T’nalpians n’vr w’nt to war. For v’ry lif was important, and must be prot’cd. 

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