Tempra Krimmace


Dark Moon

Date of Birth

12,534 A.D.

Date of Death

14,611 A.D.





Height as adult

2.37 meters

Mass as adult

83.66 kilograms

Hair colour


Eye colour

  • White (left eye)
  • Icy blue (right eye)

Skin colour

Dark grey

Blood type

Dormant Zenon Sincerus




The Zenon Nihilism Society


Tempra Krimmace was a Zenolian male that was arrested by the Epsilon Order of Zeno for severely assaulting several innocent people in Magistrate City. He was sent to prison for several centuries, and when he was freed he founded the Zenon Nihilism Society. He lied that he was arrested for nothing, and that the Epsilon Order of Zeno was corrupt for holding him without reason. Millions of like-minded individuals then joined his rebellious cult, and began to infiltrate the ranks of the Epsilon Order of Zeno. Around 13,670 A.D., Tempra Krimmace had found out that the Z. Shipyard & Foundry Centre Physics Sector re-synchronized the mind of one of their most notable members after an accident in the station of the same name, and had sent him down to Zeno for a new life. With the help of double agents, Tempra retrieved the memories and brought them to the unknowing Eiveret Lissam, who then remembered. Eiveret joined Tempra, and agreed to assassinate his mutinous peers. During a large protest outside of the Complex, in Magistrate City, Tempra was gunned down by Zenolian guards. His anarchic cult dissoluted quickly after his death.

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