Strebor Aeternus
Zenolian dude



Date of Birth

11,791 A.D.

Date of Death

13,409 A.D.





Height as adult

2.29 meters

Mass as adult

77.91 kilograms

Hair colour

Black with purple streaks

Eye colour


Skin colour



Z-Cobalt cybernetic right leg

Blood type

Dormant Zenoxia Sincerus




Shreiner Aeternus


  • The Epsilon Order of Zeno
  • Celestial Parliament
  • The New Order of the Star Lords

Favored weapon(s)

  • Double-bladed synthetic plasmablade
  • Modified Z-Eternity Plasmic Tempest
  • Dual-wielding modified Z-Eternity plasmic pistols
  • Telekinesis


Strebor Aeternus was a famous Zenolian that lived at the height of the Epsilon Order of Zeno. He was born on Zeta, one of Zeno's moons. When he was a young adult, he enrolled in Zeno's military and several decades later became one of the most renowned generals in Zeno Space. Strebor led the invasion of Mars and was one of the main roles in extincting the Martian species. Several centuries of being in power, Strebor Aeternus resigned and left Zeno Space, feeling that he was losing his morality and integrity. After moving to X'inlar, he was recognized by several members of Celestial Parliament and was asked if he could be hired as an assassin and bounty hunter. Seeing that he had nothing else to do, he agreed. For nearly the remainder of his life, Strebor would assassinate, hunt, and commit crimes for the high-ranking members of Celestial Parliament to put power into their hands and make events favourable to them. Several decades before his death, Strebor returned to Zeno and began studying the seldom-taught religion of Starism. Years before dying, Strebor Aeternus founded the New Order of the Star Lords.

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