Star North
Coldarian Class 2 Battle Cruiser
credit for pic goes to Ben Drago1


Artic Shipyards

Ship Model

Modified Coldarian Class-2 Battle Cruiser


  • Capital Ship
  • Carrier
  • Warship


1,600 meters


550 meters

Maximum speed

1,705 space mach per hour

Navigation system

  • Modified Coldarian NaviComp


  • 20 Ion Cannons
  • 20 Heavy Plamic Cannons
  • 180 Torpedo Launchers
  • Orbital Bombardement Cannon
  • Tractor Beam

Earliest Sightings

c. 9,624 B.C., above Artic


Enternal Coldarian Empire

  • The Coldarian Navy

Known owner(s)

Cundolt Blaze Simon Blaze Other Emperors of Coldar


The Star North is a modiefied Coldarian Class-2 Battle Cruiser belonging to the Emperor of Coldar. It was manufactured by Artic Shipyards. The ship acted as the main flagship of the Coldarian Navy. It was first used by Cundolt Blaze during the First Coldarian Civil War, and remained in use by the other Emperors of Coldar, such asSimon Blaze.

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