Sonic warfare was a war strategy invented by Zenolians. During elongated battles and wars (during the mining campaigns), the Omnipotent Zenon Empire created music and sounds that would subconsciously affect specific species. They studied the neurology of the species and created the music based on what caused extremely depressing emotions within the brain. After composing the music, Zenolian warships would amplify the song and hijack every soundwave on the planet. After gaining control of the planetary airwaves, Zenolians would replay the music until individuals within the specific species became suicidal and began taking their own lives. As the planet was in a panic, the Zenolians would invade and eradicate the rest. The Epsilon Order of Zeno, after fending off the allied forces of the Morteckian Empire and the Martian Stratocracy, used sonic warfare in vengeance against the Mortecks and Martians.

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