Planet of Origin




Length of average adult

6.1 meters

Skin colour


Average lifespan

50 Earth years


Averagely 400 limbs/exoskeleton/large claws near the front of body/flexible


Sireculedes are a giant centipede -like species.  They are infamous for rampaging when threatened in the jungles and killing a few of visitors of Ionthium -- their home planet. No need to worry, Sireculedes usually avoid Ionthian contact, unless it's mating season.  They have massive jaws and spray a strong acid from their stinger claws. The tail is a giant  clamp, able to easily crush buildings.  There is a gem in between the jaws on its tail and it glows in the dark. They can crawl speeds up to 64 miles per hour. They are carnivorous and also cannibalistic, eating the weaker of their young and another male during mating season. The males have a giant white mane, the fluffier the mane, the more attractive it is.  When they breed, the males wrap themselves around the female and they get in a huge knot, called a Breeding Ball.  Afterwards, the male has to rip his claw tail off to untangle.  The claw regenerates after a week or so.  

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