Silhouette X's Cloning Facility
Cloning facility1


1889 A.D.




Silhouette X


156 meters


54 meters


Cloning Facility2

Several cloning incubators in the facility

Silhouette X's Cloning Facility, also known as "The Trezla Cloning Facility", was a small base that Silhouette X built after being fully developed on Mars. It was built on Trezla, a waistland world devoid of a star. Silhouette then traveled across the galaxy, collecting DNA samples from previously dead criminals. When he returned, however, his starship crashed and so he had no way of getting back off of the planet. After recovering from the crash, he began to develop his own army of criminals. When they were fully developed, he sent a top-rank Zenolian distress signal to Renald X. Ion, whom was the current king of Zeno. When Renald traveled to Trezla, aboard a Z-Trident, he went into the cloning facility. Silhouette X then revealed himself, but keeping his identity concealed via mask and robe. After a short period of discussion with Renald, Silhouette X released the clones. Zenolian troopers ran out from the entrance, as Renald had warned them that it might be a trap. A battle happened between the clones and the Zenolian troopers, and whilst Renald was occupied with fighting, Silhouette X activated the floor and it slid open, causing half of the troopers, as well as King Ren, to fall into a volcanic pit. Most of the troopers that fell landed in the
Ren unconscious in cloning facility

Renald X. Ion lying unconscious on an obsidian rock

lava, and came to an awful end. Ren, however, landed on an obsidian rock and was knocked unconscious. After defeating the rest of the Zenolians that didn't fall, Silhouette X and his clone army escaped the facility and stole the Z-Trident. They then flew off planet to look for members for Celestial Recomission. After waking up, Renald escaped the pit and called for a pickup ship. 

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