Sicca Prime
Arena Sicca and its moon
Sicca Prime and its moon, Sicca Minor

Galactic Parameter

Brim of the Edge


The Bioma System




Sicca Minor

Planetary Tier



20,465 kilometers

Atmospheric Tier

T3 (Surplus of Oxygen) (Formerlly)

  • T2 (Thin Oxygen)

Planet Type

Jungle/Oceanic/Forest (formerlly)

  • Desert/Wasteland

Gravitational Strength

9.81 m/s

Native species


Chosen language(s)



Duna City


7 Billion


Child of Sicca Prime


The Royal Leonian Kingdom


Sicca Prime, formerly known as Verdant Prime, was a hot and remote desert world located within the Brim of the Edge. Its geography mostly consisted of empty featureless plains. Large geographic indentations crisscrossed its surface, although they were not clearly visible from space with the naked eye. Even though a desert, the planet possessed water. Sometime around 32,500 B.C., the Omnipotent Zenon Empire attacked and mined several hundred worlds in the Milky Way. One of the planets they mined was Sicca Prime, once a lush and green planet, full of oceans and plants. When the Zenolians came to Sicca Prime, they found a forest planet. They lost many men overall due to the Catsaur, a dangerous animal, but this would not stop their conquest of another planet. They kept drilling as far as they could go and used some explosives as well, but unbeknowest to them at the time, the planet was unstable at the depth of core, and so the drilling and explosions caused many ground quakes, causing the planet to distabilize, many trees and animals fell in to the fissures that opened, but the Zenolians did not surrender so they used a strange super weapon, a prototype Plasma Drill, but they made a mistake, when they started drilling, the plasma hit the planet's core causing it to explode. The planet survived, but most of the flora was ravaged, some animals survived but many died. The planet became one big desert, but thanks to the Zenolian's Plasma Drill, the once found extinct sentient species of Sicca Prime were freed from their underground caves, the Leonians, who were living underground because of the Catsaurs, a famous predator of the Bioma System, who started growing in larger numbers and thanks to the Zenolians, the Catsaur's number decreased.


Sicca Prime before the Zenolian's Invasion

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