Senecaieiunimus is an extremely seldom-occuring disease that can only be found on postmortem planets, such as Trezla. It can only be caught by hyper-radioactive bacteria found on the soil, usually in rescrambled water or hyperdiscombobulated soil. Some species, such as Zenolians, are immune to it, but most species can easily be infected with it


Senecaieiunimus affects living organisms by entering the body. The bacteria breaks down into smaller bacteria that enter the DNA of the organism and corrupt it on contact. The DNA then contorts and becomes malformed, instantly causing the living organism's outer appearance and body functions to change. Examples of this are hair colours constantly changing, and maybe even hypergrowth, causing hair to quickly grow long, fall out, and grow back in mere seconds. The face may also alter in shape. The skin colour and eye colour may even change, based on the hereditary genes. Due to possible hypergrowth via hair and nails, the body could quickly lose nutrients and become cannibalistic. In rarer confrontations with Seneaieiunimus, the organism may age unnaturally fast until the body fails and the organism dies of hyper-accelerated aging.

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