Samuel Goldstone



Date of Birth

1076 A.D.

Date of Death

1142 A.D.





Height as Adult

1.85 meters

Hair colour

Dark brown

Eye colour

Crystal blue

Skin colour



George Goldstone


  • The Cult of the Dark One (Formally)
  • Xenocell

Favored weapon(s)

Iron longsword


Samuel Goldstone was the son of George Goldstone, and the founder of Xenocell. He was born into a family that had worshipped Marrek's Apparition for three generations. When he had become 15 years of age, his father had initiated him into the Cult of the Dark One, and he was a member until the cult dispersed when Ichabad Mortem murdered Samuel's father, following by slaying Marrek's Apparition. After barely escaping with his own life, Samuel traveled to mid-England and created his own secret society. Based off what he had heard about Ichabad Mortem from Bartholomew Tramaiaz, and Ichabad's own words, Samuel named the society, "Xenocell", in reference to "Zeno" and "Zenolians". He was lucky enough to get several individuals to join his society, and it grew larger as time went on. 

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