Only known photo of a Rudi'em

Planet Of Origin


Chosen Language(s)




Height of average adult

2 meters

Skin Color


Average Life Span

95 Earth years


Humanoid and reptilian body structure quadruple hinged mandibles with conical teeth


Rudi'em are the suspected highly sentient beings on Rudimentum, each exploration party of Reshkade who had gone into the supposed area where they dwell have gone missing. The last search party have gotten a photograph of a Rudi'em warrior.

Equipment Edit

The Rudi'em have no known primary weapon, however, Rudorium, the crystal that is currently being studied, has been told to have been melted down into a form of energy, they are suspected to use this for their power, including weaponry. Three found weapons belived to belong to Rudi'em have been taken and is being studied.

Range Of Rudi'em Weapons

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