Renald X. Ion's Journal
Ren Ion's Journal


  • Renald X. Ion
  • Joshua Ion (Last page)

Number of pages

2,931 pages

Date of Creation

1841 A.D.

Date of Completion

2208 A.D.


Renald X. Ion's Journal is the personal journal of Renald X. Ion. It contained several thousand pages on the events of Ren's life from 1841 A.D. all the way up to his supposed death in 2208 A.D. Renald made it clear that he wanted it to be viewed by the Zenolian public when he died. After the Necroforge's destruction and the supposed death of Ren, Benjamin S. Drago, and Frankie Sparks, the journal was completed by Joshua Ion and put into the Temple of the Ancients.

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