Date of Birth

1856 A.D.

Date of Death






Height as Adult

  • 1.83 Meters (Pre-Cybernetics)
  • 2.22 Meters

Mass as Adult

  • 68.44 Kilograms (Pre-Cybernetics)
  • 129.56 Kilograms

Hair Colour

Black (Pre-Cybernetics)

Eye Colour


Skin Colour



Proniak is an Arachgonile hacker who worked for Amaranthine and Sigmund Vora.

Early YearsEdit

Proniak lived life as the son of a struggling inventor and house wife. Proniak's father got Proniak into computers at a young age. Proniak became very advanced in technology as it began to expand. Proniak gained a syenar in computer technology and went on to work at Mechagage Industries, where he became a computer developer. 

Dismissial and CyberneticsEdit

Over a few years, Proniak began to lose interest in the companies regulations and caused a scene over the downloadable content of the new computers being distributed. Proniak was fired and left without a job. Proniak, infuriated, staged an attack on the CEO's  personal computer, downloading thousands of viruses and eventually spreading all of the information onto the InterCore Database. Soldiers came to arrest Proniak, but he fled from the scene. As he was escaping, an incoming landcruiser smashed into him, shattering 85% of his bones and ruining a few organs. He was sent to a recovery center where the doctors stated they could do no help but end his pain and suffering by killing him. Sigmund Vora dismissed the idea and had his own personal highly skilled doctors create Proniak into a cyborg. The cyborg concept would later be important in the planet's future, as many of them had to convert to a similar design based on Proniak's. In return, Proniak worked for Sigmund Vora as a hacker. Years later, Proniak proved himself to Sigmund Vora when he staged a hack on the entire company, stealing billions of their Irrions.

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